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I have declared
that tonight I will drink far more wine than I should.

We are having our delayed Thanksgiving tonight, which will be delicious and moist. I have not been as much a part of the prep as I desired since I spent 11 hours in the ER last night. No, I did not break rule #1, I had escorts. The first came just as I finished dinner with Clue, Spider and Mark. This one was the emotionally harder of the two as it was a pediatric. As we were wrapping up this one, the ER coordinator stuck her head in and ask the SANE if she was oncall for the night, she was not; I however was. The second case started off in the crisis ward and so we had to wait a bit. Then due to a long series of things, I didn't leave the hospital till 6:45. I didn't crawl into bed until 7:00, after I'd been up for about 23 hours. I slept till 11 and took a nap at 2:30 so I could stay awake through dinner. Now, there will be wine, and a lot of it to go with a lot of food. I will be breaking the law of 2... unless you're count bottles.

This past week is fired. More on that in a post tomorrow. Additionally, I will be making about post about Connecticut that is the result of a couple of hours of conversations with 1st and 2nd responders last night. Not ones from CT, but still, I can tell you that there is a very different set of stories that don't end up in the normal news, because they don't sell copy, but they have an extremely great effect on community.

Anyway... now it's off for food and drink. I'll be back online later if there's anything you want to chat about... just remember, I will likely not be sober.
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*HUG* Thank you for being there.

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