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In today's news...
I broke rule 1.

For those who don't know, rule 1 at Mandala House is: "No trips to the ER unless it is a SACVAP escort, or you are assisting someone else".

Peter Olsen and I made cheese yesterday, one of which required spending time in a cheese press. Since I have decided cheese making is something I want to continue with, [personal profile] cluegirl and I bought a new cheese press yesterday as well. Trying to get the cheese out of it this morning, I cut the middle finger of my left hand... fairly deep.

Clue was making pancakes and asked if I'd broken rule 1, to which I replied I might have. I applied heavy pressure for 10 min and then we tried superglue... the cut started bleeding again almost immediately and the superglue wouldn't dry. After another 10 min of pressure and still a good amount of blood, we decided it was time for Urgent Care.

Ok, I like the idea of Urgent Care vs the ER, and I understand there are some things the ER is better suited for, but to NOT have someone at the Urgent Care certified to do stitches??? They sent me to the ER, fortunately before they did anything they would have to charge me for.

We got to the ER, the triaged the wound and sent me to Track B (Fast Track). In Track B they shot my finger overfull of local. It hurt like a wasp sting and then some. I say overfull because my finger was literally twice as big around at the base. Very quickly the numbness took over, for which I was quite glad. Especially when the Doc came back and started scrubbing. They wanted it very clean since there was little doubt it had been exposed to bacteria (remember cheese?). I also got my tetanus shot. Ever 10 years, almost to the month, I've done something that requires one; last shot? April, 2004.

On the way out, we also discovered that I beat the rush.

So, more on the cheese later. Exciting stuff was discussed... and not exciting in the way of today's events.
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This wasn't the worst way you could have broken Rule 1. I'm glad it wasn't more serious.

Why do they think people go to Urgent Care? Admittedly, that's where my pneumonia was diagnosed, but surely they see more injured patients than ill ones?

It's kind of too bad that whatever devices you use to keep your calendar will be long obsolete in ten years. Maybe you could head off the injuries by getting a tetanus shot before breaking your bits.

See, that was my original thought, but when I went to the doctor last week, it wasn't on the written list of things to talk to him about. I kept sitting there thinking "I know there's something else, what is it?". I remember now ;)

Never thought to try superglue at home before going. We keep steristrips i nthe house for holding things together like stitches. If that don'g work we go.

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