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There I was, walking along through Lowe's, minding my own business, looking for garbage cans, when suddenly I found myself in need of a hand truck...

It appears that Catt and I bought a new sink for the back bathroom; and a new faucet to go with. We've been talking about this since September actually, and we were looking today and found a better sink, more suited to the space, for less money. Amusingly, the faucet cost a dollar more than the sink.

So, it wouldn't be quite as amusing, if it weren't for the fact that in the last 7 days we now have a tally of: a new faucet for the kitchen sink; the bathroom items mentioned above; aannnndddd, a new range for the kitchen. Adding to that will be the new porch in the spring when our contract can actually work.

It appears that Mandala House is making her will known for the spring.


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