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Once again
Dominus posts an entirely randomly timed post.

Right now, I'm holding the big black dog at bay, but not without quite a lot of effort. There are a lot of things going well for me right now, and yet fighting the depression is an amazing challenge. Well, not that amazing to those that have been truly depressed before.

The big culprit is still work. The environment was bad under ex-boss, as you few, you happy few, who still read my journal know. Well, he's been gone for right at a year now and while the work environment is better, much better really, four years of that environment has really soured me on the place. Throw into the mix eighteen months of "transformation" across the whole company, and I'm really despising the place more than ever. They are playing games with the "layers" and the "levels" in such a manner that directly impacts me, and in ways I don't care for. Add in the fact that to really advance my career at this point, I have to either travel 100% or relocate, neither of which is really an option for me. Plus, I do not trust the company anymore. I am at the point where on Sunday nights I have trouble sleeping, and I'm pretty sure that gestating an ulcer. I need out and I want out.

I have applied for a job that looks pretty awesome, and I meet all the requirements. It would be interesting, a real challenge (which I've not had in quite a while), a positive work environment, and health benefits worth something. I've made some contacts, and I'm hoping for the best on this one. I really, really want, at bare minimum, an interview. If I can get in face to face, I can convince them I'm the right person for the job.

On the home front, we're working on refinancing the house in order to rebuild the porch and hopefully paint the house as well. We've locked an interest rate 2 1/2% below our current and we've got all the paperwork in. Now we're just waiting on the appraisal... which is nerve wracking. We do have the contractor ready to start the preliminary work to shore the porch up for winter. That starts the week of the 16th, so we really need the weather to hold off till after it's done.

Other than that, I've not had the energy for much more, and what I have had is going into the house. This long weekend is really a blessing for me. It will help me recharge the batteries a bit, relax some and hopefully get a little more of a head start on the big black dog.

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Still here, still listening and send good energy your way.

Wishing you well, and positive job vibes !

Good thoughts your way for the job and against the depression, and even more this coming weekend when we will see you for low-key love and food and support. <3

That damned dog is busy this time of year. Much love to you.

Crossing my fingers & wishing you lots of luck on the job front as well as the house repairs. Hugs to you both & gentle pats to the fur persons.

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