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I am
not a fan of being sick.

Sometime on Friday night or Saturday morning, I started showing signs of fever and it really took hold on Saturday. I've been allowing myself sleep and naps, I've been (mostly) drinking fluids, and I've tried not to be stupid, including taking today and likely tomorrow off work.

I am currently at the annoying stage where, when I sit still for more than 20 minutes, I feel like I've got the energy to do something, and then I, say, climb the stairs... yeah, not so much. I am improving rapidly however, for which I am eternally grateful for my constitution. I was worried it was bronchitis setting in, but while the cough sounds (and feels) like it, I have non of the other bronchitis symptoms, including the fact that I can take full breaths without pain or coughing. Anyway, I do not do "patient" well, but I am attempting to learn, hence staying away from work. At least I'm fairly certain the fever has broken.

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*hugs* Hoping you feel better soon. And remember, if you feel like you are completely recovered -- take it easy for another day. That's always the point where people tend to jump up and overdo things, then end up with a relapse or something worse.

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