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So, on the
slightly better side of things.

I, actually all of us on the team, have a temporary reprieve from the stupid long hours. The document is in review and we wait till post review to get our new assignments. This means that through the holiday weekend, I'm on normal hours... including having the whole holiday weekend off. On Monday afternoon, yes I will at least have to check my email, or on Tuesday morning I will get my assignments on the document and may be back on really long hours. In the mean time however, I will be enjoying leaving the office at a reasonable hour, and having a weekend of downtime to enjoy time with friends and family.

Oh yes, and sleep. Did I mention sleep?

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Yes! Enjoy the time off!

Yay for good news and a bit of a reprieve, however slight. I'm thinking good thoughts for both you and Catt!

That sounds fantastic! Enjoy!

*handwavy Muppet cheer* :-)

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