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I have not
posted in quite a while, other than my drunk night posts, so I figured I'd give an update.

Work is a 4 letter word right now. A large number of us are "volunteering" to put in weekends and long work days. I'm not putting in as much time as some of the others, but this past week I had 27 hours on my timecard by Monday COB. I actually went into the office today; last Saturday I worked from home. I'm fried and I don't even care that I'm posting this in the clear. The worst part of all of this is that it didn't need to come to this. If we'd started a coordinated effort the week the RFP dropped, we wouldn't be trying to do 9 weeks worth of work in 4. I'm tired of my job and I've lost faith in the corporation. The issue is finding at job at my job grade and salary in the Capital District. I knew that might be a challenge when I took the job and with the economy in the state it's in, things are worse now. If you don't think Sequestration is hurting anyone, you've not tried to look for jobs that support the public sector. Anyway, I am looking, and hopefully the situation will break for the better soon.

Add to the work situation that our insurance company will cancel our coverage if we don't fix the dry rot on the porch and paint the house by Dec 31. Taint happenin'. I will be researching new insurance shortly. We spoke with the City Engineer, who will be helping us with contacts to get things under way, but best case, if we have the financing, is spring 2014. So, there's that little stress.

This week was also not good since Clue was in the ER with chest pains and multiple other symptoms. It turns out it is not cardiac in nature, for which I (and she) am grateful, but there was a bit of stress related to that during the week. You would think that working the day after my wife was in the ER with chest pains would be enough to cover me not going in today... oh well.

All this is probably a major factor as to why my thyroid dosage has also gone up. I will be seeing the acupuncturist very soon to help working on all these factors.

I need a new job, fortunately I have a weeks vacation coming up in a month where I will be seeing some very dear friends I've not seen in far too long. That, and I refuse to give up on a positive attitude, no matter how much stress and frustration I've been feeling of late.

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I keep hoping that you can find a new job. Worried about you.

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