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I am
drinking tonight and taking questions. Questions and answers are hidden unless requested otherwise

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Wish I wasn't so tired as to think of a good one, but I hope you are doing well.

Oh, I know! What are you drinking? My drinking self still has to live vicariously through others for at least another week.

While currently sober, last night I was drinking bourbon and lemonade. That seems to be one of my go to drinks these days and my bourbon drunk is more subtle than most.

Ha, so my comment did go through. I was up in the middle of the night with a bad headache, and the lj app on my phone was being wonky. Hope you got a bunch more provocative questions than mine.

I did indeed go through. I did not actually get more provocative questions. Actually, I only got 2 other questions at all, and they were on G+. Most people have left LJ for FB, god only knows why; G+ is not particularly conducive to such sessions but I found a way to make a pass at it; my Fet account has too few followers; and I won't post to FB... almost ever.

Oh well.

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