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It is
again time to post my Arisia Schedule. 10 panels this year and none on Monday. Pretty good really.

Non-Monogamy: A Diverse Set of Options
Monogamy is the default societal assumption, but one that many don't follow. While there are a lot of panels on the poly lifestyle at Arisia, other approaches to relationships sometimes can get left out in the shuffle. This panel will explore the many ways that people approach relationships that don't fall under the default.

BDSM 101: A Beginner's Guide
There are a lot of different ways to practice BDSM. How can you get into it without getting in over your head? What can you do to stay safe while experimenting and exploring your own limits? We'll go over a few do's and, more importantly, don'ts of trying BDSM.

BDSM 201: Hurting the Ones You Love
Paddles and whips and floggers, oh my! What ever happened to the simplicity of a good old-fashioned spanking? From clothespins to dragontails, there are lots of ways to hurt the people you love most, and do it safely. Unfortunately, we can't show you how to do it in Massachusetts, but we can talk about it!

Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress
A minute can seem so short when trying to put together a masquerade presentation, but it can feel like an eternity to the audience and judges. How do you use the time allowed to entertain the audience and wow the judges? Can it be done in less than 30 seconds?

Poly 201: Theory and Practice
Once you've learned about the basics, how do you make polyamory work in the real world? In this panel, we'll tackle some of the harder questions, such as: How do you tell your friends and family? Should you? How can you find people whose poly styles are compatible with yours? What if my partners don't like each other?

Negotiation and BDSM
Whether you're into hard limits, soft limits, or just curious, finding a new play partner can be very exciting. However, before you get to the fun, come get some ideas for how to best negotiate that scene. Learn some skills on how to talk to your partner about what your fantasies might be—and what boundaries not to cross. Consent is sexy!

Morally Ambiguous Characters
What genre characters, either YA or adult, break out of being able to be labeled "good" and "evil"? What characters are labeled good or evil, but are actually more ambiguous in spite of their label? How do we respond to them as readers, and what challenges do they provide for writers?

Future Fantasy MODERATOR
Epic fantasy is mostly set in the past. Urban fantasy is mostly set in the present. Why are there so few works that use magic and are set in the future? What might a futuristic fantasy world look like, and is it really indistinguishable from a sufficiently advanced technology?

Healthcare in Speculative Fiction MODERATOR
As the baby boomers approach retirement age, healthcare, and eldercare, the entire field of medicine is ever more urgently in need of advancement. We should be able to look to SF for a preview of what to expect in terms of medical advances, assistive technology, and more. How is SF dealing with the concepts of health and medicine, and what it means to be well?

The Bolos are Coming! MODERATOR
Given the success of the Google (DARPA) self-driving car, and the U.S. military's trend towards remotely piloted and semi-autonomous weapons platforms, how long does our panel of experts think it will be before Keith Laumer's A.I. augmented and heavily armed tank takes its place on the battlefield?


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