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So, the apocolypse
wasn't... sorta.

The world didn't end but apparently Aquila (my laptop) did. It may be the motherboard that is fried. I ended up going to BestBuy on Saturday *shudder* to have the Geek Squad look at it and their verdict was not good. A co-worker has a side business that is computer repair, including Dell certified, and I'm going to ask him to look into it for the price of some beer :)

In the mean time, we had bought a Mac Mini a few months back as a living room computer in order to see if I was going to be happy with Mac as a primary machine. I seriously like the capabilities surrounding photo editing on the Mac but I'm not sure about the whole experience. Well, guess what is currently my primary machine. I guess I'll be figuring out sooner rather than later how I feel.

The real issue right now is that I have no licensed copies of any of the software I use and I don't know about putting the expense into it if I decide I'm going back to the PC. One of the real reasons I'm leaning that direction right now is that Mac seems to think that optical drives are a thing of the past. Well, I back all my photography up to optical; I burn CDs and DVDs for my models and customers; I like to drop a DVD in and watch it from time to time; I have a longer list, but you get the idea. I also do NOT want another piece of hardware laying on my desk. We shall see because any decision is 6 months away at best.

Not a happy Dominus here, but at least I have a strong backup to use and I'm not in the dark.


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