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I am glad
to see November waning. This has not been a good month on so many levels.

The month started with a trip to World Fantasy in Toronto. Actually, it wasn't too bad except for the parts where I had to drive in Toronto. I honestly never thought I'd drive in a place where there was something worse than the Dallas Mix Master (and yes, I've driven in LA, Boston, Chicago, DC and Atlanta). The freeway system in Toronto is... nuts and was under construction in multiple places. I didn't get out and shoot as I'd planned but well, that was me and the weather. Somebody forgot a hat and scarf. It was several days away from the office where, it turns out, my Blackberry doesn't work.

We came back and the very next night was an ER trip to the vet for Godric, whom likely wouldn't have made it through the night if we hadn't. 24 hours in an oxygen tent, Echo Cardiograms, specialists, etc and now every time he so much as sneezes Clue and I are en pointe. His follow-up did not yield the results we'd desired (actually more fluid in his lungs, not less) and we still have all the trauma of medicating him.

On top of that, less than a week later, I almost woke Clue in the middle of the night to take Hilfy in. Ended up waiting till the morning however, she's got an upper respiratory infection that also requires medication twice daily.

Work has been. That's about all I can say. We're in the middle of a corporate restructuring,literally from the CEO down and I'm far enough down the food chain that I'm not going to know what/where/how until sometime around March. Throw into the mix that the account is also restructuring, and I've no clue where any of that sits due to ex-boss' departure and current boss still trying to figure out how he wants the organization and what he can convince upper management to do and I'm in limbo. And while yes, I'm fully aware it could be worse (unemployment), it doesn't mean it's good. There are other things going on at the company as well, things that I should be involved in but can't get visibility or traction on any of them. I'm at a point where I'm pretty sure my career at this company has hit a dead end. So, I continue on with the job hunting, which is challenging at my job level in Albany.

As if that wasn't enough for November, I've been fighting a depression for a couple of months now. I'm exercising again, which is helping. As are other things I've been doing however, it's tough with everything else going on. Not bad enough for medication yet, but I am keeping my eye on it. At least I've managed to recognize when past demons are raising their head and been able to ask for things I need from those around me to avoid becoming hyper emo. Fortunately, I have an understanding wife and girlfriend.

I'm sure there's more, but in the mean time, as November closes next week, I will be glad to see it move along.


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